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  • 1971 Electronics Institute Kansas City, Mo. Graduated with Diploma and FCC radiotelephone license.
  • Training covered all phases of electronic theory and hands on experience servicing consumer electronics, industrial applications, logic circuits and transmitter receiver design / service.
  • 1969 Graduated Rich Hill Mo. High School with Freshman and Sophomore years attended at Westport High School in Kansas City, Mo. All my future acquired abilities are based on this. Education is constant and on going.
Employment experience
  • 2004 – 2005 Consumer computer services, consulting with Bavarian WaterWorks on a new bottled water product containing minerals in significant quantity and balance for use by the human body. Setup/maintain website and mail. Redesign brochure as needed. Http:// to look at their site.
  • Moved back to the family farm in July ’05 and started Larry Glackin mobile Computer Service. I correct any and all computer hardware / software related troubles. Virus and spyware removal and control is routine service. I setup home and business networking wired and secure wireless systems. CCTV camera system design and installation. Phone wiring in support of computer networking installation is available. Consultation for computers, networking and CCTV is available also. Website design and maintenance is a service I provide. Computer tune-up with higher security web surfing and e-mail is standard practice for any computer service job.
  • 11 - 2004 Contracted to supply and integrate complete hardware/software to extend 4 office phone lines to remote mine site in Alaska, and extend secure wired and wireless network between the office and mine site 30 miles distant. Utilizing 4 towers (3 microwave hops) to make the connection. I extended two of the towers, as they were not tall enough. Operated 100’ man lift to erect 20’ addition on tower at mine site stacked sections as required on the other tower. I computed the RF path for the radios and installed/tested and integrated all equipment. This provided a 2 meg connection between the mine and the in town office.


  • August 1998 - 2003 ICE Communications, Inc. Haines, Alaska

President / Chief Technical Officer / Owner

  • ICE Communications was started as a result of Seaknet requesting proposals to take over the ‘demonstration Internet Service Provider project’ the Haines Borough Library was operating at the time. My task was to build from the ground up a full-service Internet provider, all phases from the end users computer to network administration for business networks and the connection to the Internet. This includes service of the end user machines, network admin and set-up, commercial web hosting as well as standard things like e-mail and personal/business web site hosting. Cisco 1601 router configuring and installation was routine. IPAD router and server configuration was our main equipment. 3-com and Microcom modem banks were installed setup and maintained. Operated 45’ manlift to place antenna access points. A wireless network covering Haines was installed. The service was expanded to Juneau Alaska then sold to Digital Health Exchange/ Cordova Systems, Inc. in April of 2003.


August 1978 – February 2000 Electronic Design and Development Inc. Haines, Alaska

President / head of Engineering / Owner

  • E. D. & D. Inc. Operator/owner of Haines and Skagway Cable TV systems. I was responsible for all phases of system upgrade from inch tape delay TV programs (shipped from Seattle) to satellite downlink delivery of content. Upgraded outside plant and head end from 3 channels to 35 channels for TV and several channels of audio music. I performed all outside plant line work, troubleshooting, repair and new plant design and installation. Used pole hooks and belt to climb poles and later acquired bucket trucks to make it easier and more efficient. Built CPM computer and programmed it to keep track of customer accounts and billing as well as track the outside plant service history and signal levels. Later I transferred this program to the IBM PC type computers and continued using the software. I maintained the trucks and trencher in my garage. This involved routine use of MIG wire feed and stick welders (buzz box) air compressor, air tools, paint sprayers and hand tools. Purchased property and new 40 X 80’ building shell. Completed construction of store, offices, living quarters and Garage inside the shell. Much of the construction was accomplished personally. Built wood furnace forced air heating system with oil backup for the building. Maintained and operated Stihl 075, 032 and McCulloch chain saws. I operated and maintained a 24’ Glasply boat to travel between Haines and Skagway over 17 miles of Lynn Canal waterway. The road around the mountains through Canada between Haines and Skagway is 350 miles.
  • I custom programmed the Haines Borough computers to collect and distribute sales tax in 1985. This included a re-vamp of how sales taxes were applied and collected so the software would cover all permutations of tax collection. Performed installation and system design / construction of tower site for remote users with no access to the wired phone system. Selected components and integrated to create a remote telephone system based on UHF radios. Also design and installation of repeater for the Haines Fire Dept. this provided coverage up the valley away from the town proper. I was responsible for the Electronic Service Shop (bench technician) and the Radio Shack store as well.


March 1977 – July 1978 Alpha Communications, Inc. Fairbanks, Alaska

Service Manager / 1/3rd Owner

  • Responsible for Electronic technical operations of Alpha Communications. Alpha installed and serviced the first pipeline security camera system. We also operated a communications service shop out of Barrow Alaska in support of the North Slope oil drilling / pumping operations. Service City at Prudhoe Bay hosted our radio communications shop.
  • Acquired the Barrow Cable TV system while joint ventured with Arctic Slope Regional Corporation as Arctic Slope Alpha Communications. I resided in Barrow about 3 years. I maintained the cable TV head end equipment, the outside plant and ASRC video studio equipment. I was responsible for upgrading the programming from inch tape delay to satellite delivered content as well as upgrading the outside plant to carry the additional channels. It was my job to extend the cable plant to the Navel Arctic Research Lab about 5 miles out of Barrow – I did this using remote control technology to connect and disconnect customers making a trip out to the base unnecessary. I maintained and operated an R-65 trencher to bury the new cable. Eventually the company was sold to ASRC. I acquired an Alaska Electrical Administrator license #395 and kept it while operating the cable systems in Barrow and later in Haines and Skagway.


July 1974 – March 1977 Page Communications – Pipeline Fairbanks, Alaska

Electronic Communications Technician

  • Duties included tower installation and maintenance at remote sites, camp communication radios and other equipment such as video playback systems and TV transmitters for the camp. Relief duty for resident camp technicians that were out on R&R. Contracted to ARCO in support of exploratory drilling operations, installed and serviced DME and NDB NAV-Aids based on the self propelled drilling platform Ocean Ranger. Installation of Non Directional Beacon on Hog Island in support of the Ocean Ranger while it operated in the Bearing Sea. Travel to and from the Ocean Ranger was by Sikorsky S-61 helicopter. I made monthly rounds to all the remote sites for routine maintenance for all the exploratory wells in operation at the time.
  • I was responsible for the design and fabrication of the communication system that allowed the dispatch operator in Fairbanks to communicate with any vehicle or camp over the entire length of the haul road between Prudhoe Bay and Valdez.
  • The first year of my employment with Page was as Avionics tech. at the Fairbanks General Aviation ramp. My duties were installation, and servicing of general aviation and commercial avionics.


June 1972 – July 1974 King Radio aircraft avionics mfg. Olathe, Kansas

Production Test bench technician

  • Bench test/repair new KN65 DME (distance measuring equipment) units just off the assembly line. Also was responsible for Transponders and Automatic Direction Finders for general aviation use. It was my duty to see each unit met specifications and passed all its environmental tests. Repair units as required. I also beta tested the first computer controlled automatic test system.


January 1970 – June 1972 Mears TV. Kansas City, Mo.

Electronic Service Technician

  • Sold and serviced consumer electronic products. Serviced industrial electronic controls and assemblies to the component level. I was the only employee at this shop and was responsible for all repairs.
Community activities and interests


I have been a member of the Haines Elks Lodge # 2634 since March of 1982. During my 20+ years in Haines, I served 5 years as a Borough Assembly / School Board member. Donated enough time to the school system to earn a ‘Letter" for my jacket. Provided equipment for after school dances and chaperoned too! I donated webspace for the Sheldon Museum and the American Legion on our server. I enjoy riding 4 wheelers and boating, I have a 24’ Glassply powered by twin 140hp gas engines and a 32’ Luhrs twin diesel.

Available on request

Objective Live on the farm and provide first class computer services to the area.

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